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CNVC International Intensive (IIT), Sri Lanka
July 26 - August 4, 2017 

NVC Conference, India
Sept 2-9, 2017

NVC China
September 13-28, 2017
NVC and Mindfulness,
   Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing
Mediation, Yantai

NVC Taiwan
Sept 29 - Oct 3, 2017
Empathy Theater
Certification candidate training 

CNVC International Intensive (IIT), Maui
November 10-19, 2017
Topic:  Mediation and Restorative Pradtices

NVC Multimedia Library Resources with Jim and Jori Manske

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with Jori and Jim Manske, CNVC Certified Trainers

Join us Mondays 4 - 6pm
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Increase your competence and confidence in awareness, empathic listening, and compassionate expression!

 This group is open to everyone as we are all on the path of learning: from unaware, awakening, capable, and integrated, with ever-increasing compassion and awareness.

Learning and integration activities we have designed to enhance skills each week including:

  • Weekly lessons with practice opportunities grounded in skill development
  • Self-assessment to identify and use your strengths to increase learning
  • Awareness exercises to guide your experience from the inside out each week
  • Peer groups and diads for focused personal integration
  • Weekly take home practices offered for enhancing integration of the weekly skill
  • Facilitation of empathy/practice buddies pairing for those who would like

We offer this class unconditionally in the spirit of a flow of giving and receiving.  Learn more about contributing to our work.

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